Why is storytelling important?

Our insights are derived through rich, often face-to-face interactions with people. But since not everyone can experience the entire process firsthand, we need storytelling tools that take the whole team on the journey.

Thoughtful storytelling empowers organizations to make the most of research findings.

We craft compelling deliverables.


An empathy-building video.

A B2B company hired How We Meet to produce an internal video profiling a few key customers in their own context. The video illuminated their varied needs and challenges. After a company-wide screening, the featured customers were on hand to answer questions. The client continues to reference the video months later.

An audio highlights takeaway.

A behavior change company hired How We Meet to evaluate how a new product was being received in the market. How We Meet created an audio piece featuring firsthand comments from a range of people using the product. The team shared the piece with internal stakeholders, building excitement around the product's potential value.

A learn-by-doing experience.

A large sports apparel company hired How We Meet to organize an offsite activity for a group of executives. The goal? Embody their new internal marketing mantra via guided, multisensory experiences around San Francisco. They then applied the day's learnings toward drafting their strategic plan.